History of Texas Chili – Fact and Legend

Chili con carne was officially designated the state food of Texas by the State Legislature in 1977, but to most Texans, the fact that a genuine “bowl of red” can only be found in Texas has never been in doubt.

It is generally accepted that, despite its Spanish name, chili con carne (chili peppers with meat) originated in San Antonio Texas. According to a popular theory, Texas chili is an adaptation of a spicy stew that was introduced to the region by immigrants from the Spanish Canary Islands, who came to the area now known as San Antonio in 1731, in what was then the Spanish province of Texas.

Supporting this theory, is the fact that all the spices used in the early versions of chili con carne: chili peppers, oregano and garlic, grow wild in southern Texas; except for the cumin, which was imported from the Canary Islands by the aforementioned Spanish settlers. These spices were boiled along with what ever meat was available to concoct a cheap, simple and satisfying peasant stew.

From the early days, chili was utilized as the perfect trail food. Cowboys on cattle drives took chili along with them on the trail. One simple method of doing this was to pound the beef, suet, chili peppers, and spices together to form bricks that once dried, were readily packed. The chili bricks could easily be boiled up in a pot of water, and served as a convenient, instant trail food. Alternatively, range cooks planted chili peppers, oregano and onions in mesquite patches located along the trail for future cattle drives (the mesquite bushes protected the herbs from foraging cattle). Here is one of the earliest versions of chili con carne on record, a range cook’s recipe from the early 1800s:

“Cut up as much meat as you think you will need (any kind will do, but beef is probably best) in pieces about the size of a pecan. Put it in a pot, along with some suet (enough so as the meat won’t stick to the sides of the pot), and cook it with about the same amount of wild onions, garlic, oregano, and chilies as you have got meat. Put in some salt. Stir it from time to time and cook it until the meat is as tender as you think it’s going to get.”

In time, chili con carne became popular in the small Texas towns that grew up along the cattle trails. In this way, the dish spread throughout the state.

The chili queens of San Antonio are another colorful feature of Texas chili lore. They were Hispanic women with an entrepreneurial spirit who made large pots of chili by day and, clad in brightly colored dresses, trundled their carts to San Antonio’s Military Plaza, ladling out their vendibles from cast iron pots heated over wood or charcoal fires in the evening. This tradition started in the 1880s when San Antonio was host to soldiers of the Spanish army, who camped in Military Plaza; the fact that it was also a cattle town and a railroad town ensured that the chili queens had plenty of potential diners willing and able to tuck into their fiery wares. In 1887, the chili queens were moved to Market Square by the city government, where they remained a popular fixture of downtown San Antonio until 1937, at which time they were required to comply with the sanitation regulations set for all the town’s food establishments. Many chili queens set up indoors so as to continue in business, but San Antonio lost one of its unique and colorful attractions.

Frank H. Bushick, the San Antonio Commissioner of Taxation, wrote an article about the chili queens that appeared in the July 1927 issue of Frontier Times. According to Bushick:

“The chili stand and chili queens are peculiarities, or unique institutions, of the Alamo City. They started away back there when the Spanish army camped on the plaza. They were started to feed the soldiers. Every class of people in every station of life patronized them in the old days. Some were attracted by the novelty of it, some by the cheapness. A big plate of chili and beans, with a tortilla on the side, cost a dime. A Mexican bootblack and a silk-hatted tourist would line up and eat side by side, unconscious or oblivious of the other.”

The chili queens returned to San Antonio, after a fashion, in the 1980s, when the city began historic re-enactments of the chili queens as a tribute to the state food of Texas: chili con carne. The El Mercado Merchants sponsor the annual “Return of the Chili Queens Festival” held in Market Square during the May Memorial Day celebrations.

Of course chili con carne is not only popular in Texas. The piquant dish first got national exposure when it was served at the San Antonio Chili Stand set up in 1893 at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago Illinois, where it was a great hit with the crowds.

The Chili cookoff is a popular form of delicious, good-natured competition all over the United States. In fact, cookoffs officially sanctioned by the International Chili Society are held as far afield as Canada and the Cayman Islands. But the granddaddy of all chili cookoffs is the one held every year in Terlingua, Texas, established in 1967 with the help of Carroll Shelby, famous Texan and father of the Cobra sports car.

The first Terlingua chili cookoff was held to answer a challenge thrown down by H. Allen Smith, a writer from New York who had written a story with the title, “Nobody Knows More about Chili than I Do” for the August 1967 issue of Holiday Magazine. In the article, he claimed that, “…no living man, I repeat, can put together a pot of chili as ambrosial, as delicately and zestfully flavorful, as the chili I make.” And, to add insult to injury, his recipe included beans!

Beans are not considered to be an ingredient of genuine Texas chili. As the title of the unofficial anthem sung every year at the Terlingua cookoff would have it: “If You Know Beans About Chili, You Know That Chili Has No Beans.” Texas chili champion Homer “Wick” Fowler, not being able to stomach this outrageous claim, challenged the presumptuous New Yorker to a showdown, and the great chili cookoff was born. Unfortunately, the results were inconclusive as the third judge excused himself from service after he had spat out the spoonful of chili he had tried to swallow all over the referee’s foot. According to a witness, Sports Illustrated writer Gary Cartwright,

“Then he went into convulsions. He rammed a white handkerchief down his throat as though he were cleaning a rifle barrel, and in an agonizing whisper Witts pronounced himself unable to go on.”

So the first chili cookoff ended in a tie, but the Texans haven’t given an inch on the issue of beans in chili, at least at sanctioned chili cookoffs. The first rule of the International Chili Society’s Official Contestant Rules and Regulations states that:

The following rules and regulations for cooks at the World’s Championship, State, Regional and District Cookoffs are as follows:

1. Traditional Red Chili is defined by the International Chili Society as any kind of meat or combination of meats, cooked with red chili peppers, various spices and other ingredients, with the exception of BEANS and PASTA which are strictly forbidden.

The second rule of the official Chili Cooking Rules of Chili Appreciation International, the organizers of the Terlingua Chili Cookoff says:

2. NO FILLERS IN CHILI – Beans, macaroni, rice, hominy, or other similar ingredients are not permitted.

Be that as it may, even many Texans enjoy beans in their chili. Chili con carne is the kind of dish that invites creativity and experimentation and an infinite number of delicious variations are possible. But, even though there are almost as many chili recipes as there are stars in the sky, not all of them qualify as the genuine article form the Lone Star State. I’ll leave you with a quote:

“Chili concocted outside of Texas is usually a weak, apologetic imitation of the real thing. One of the first things I do when I get home to Texas is to have a bowl of red. There is simply nothing better.” – Lyndon B. Johnson, the 36th President of the United States.

To find out what Lyndon Johnson is talking about, click on the link for an easy, delicious recipe for genuine Texas chili.

East Texas Piney Woods

If you told someone you were going to visit Texas they would probably picture an image of a wide open range with some cactus and tumbleweeds. The reality is that Texas is a very diverse state with several distinct regions that offer its visitors an opportunity to experience a broad array of cultures, climates, terrains, and lifestyles all within the boundaries of The Lone Star State. Today I want to talk about the East Texas Piney Woods region. This part of Texas does not have tumbleweeds and although there are some cactus it is not the type that you will see in the movies. East Texas is an area filled with history, old town charm, and a long forgotten lifestyle.

This region of Texas is called the Piney Woods for good reason. It is home to thousands of acres pine trees that are planted and harvested by the paper and lumber companies. This industry is a major source of revenue and employs, directly or indirectly, a large percentage of the working people around East Texas. But pines are not the only trees grow in this region. This area is also an excellent source for hardwoods like the magnolia, oak, ash, elm, and cypress just to name a few. With four national forests, five state forest, and many large privately owned wooded ranches any outdoor enthusiasts will surely find East Texas a great place to explore.

If you enjoy camping, fishing, and hunting then you need look no further. East Texas has some of the most beautiful settings in which to park your RV and watch the sunset. If fishing is more your style, this region is home to several world class lakes and reservoirs full of largemouth bass, crappie, and catfish. There are many top quality impoundments in the area like Lake Fork, Toledo Bend, Lake Livingston, and Caddo Lake just to name a few. Then there is Lake Sam Rayburn, just north of Jasper, one of the top fishing lakes in the country and a frequent stop for many professional fishing tournaments. Lake Sam Rayburn draws annually some of top ranked professional and amateur fishermen, and women, from around the country to its water every year to try and find that elusive record bass. Rayburn, Toledo Bend, and Caddo Lake all offer excellent crappie fishing too, but if it is catfish you want then you should head to Lake Livingston in Polk County. Catfish are so abundant that the daily bag limit on this lake is higher than on any other lake in Texas. Each fall deer hunter from all over the US make their way to East Texas for their shot at a trophy buck. The thick underbrush, heavy timber, and wide spread availability of forage is a perfect recipe for big trophy buck.

If you enjoy reading and seeing history and historic sites then East Texas has a lot to offer. Visit Nacogdoches, “The Oldest Town In Texas”, originally established as a Spanish fort in the mid 1700s and in 1832 it is widely believed that the first shots fired in the Texas Revolution were fired right here in Nacogdoches Texas. Still a thriving community and home to Stephen F. Austin State University. Just a little further up the road in Kilgore where you will find the “World’s Richest Acre”. Actually about 1.2 acres, once stood the largest concentration of oil derricks during the oil boom days. And nearby Tyler Texas is home to the Tyler Municipal Rose Garden, the nation’s largest municipal rose garden. This is a must see in the spring.

The Christmas season is another exciting time to visit East Texas. Many of the historic homes throughout the area take on a very traditional holiday spirit. With thousands of lights and old fashion decorations these home will remind you of a lifestyle from a past era. Many of the small towns throughout East Texas decorate their town squares in celebration of the holiday season and transform themselves into holiday wonderlands offering tours of the historic homes decorated for the holidays and many still offer traditional Christmas parades.

This is just a small sampling of everything available throughout East Texas. When you are planning your next vacation be sure and explore what East Texas has to offer. The culture, scenery, history, lifestyle, and the food are all worth the trip to the Piney Woods of East Texas.

Justin Boots for Women Today

As the fashion world is evolving everyday, trendy men and women enjoy evolving with it and boots are always a popular fashion statement. Just check out the catwalks, women are wearing stylish boots with skirts, dresses and pants. If you want to update your wardrobe or make a fashion statement, just purchase a pair of Justin boots for women. The boots will give your outdated outfit a new look! Justin boots for women offer customers the greatest quality, value and style for footwear for all seasons of the year. Justin Boots has been making expert crafted boots since 1879 in Texas. Early on, H.J. Justin crafted boots out of his home and his first customers were cowboys from the local area! Well you’ve come a long way baby, because today there are over 13 lines of Justin boots for women to bring out the cowgirl in all of us!

Whether you prefer your boots casual or fashionable, Justin boots for women will have a style just for you. Justin boots for women offers the Stampede, Bent Rail, Justin Gypsy, Justin AQHA, Punchy, Tekno Crepe, George Strait, Western, Ropers, Exotics, Snake boots, Justin Basics, Casuals and Waterproof lines to select from.

The making of the boot ensures the perfect fit. And you can be sure the workmanship of Justin Boots is the very best, a tradition passed down in the “Spirit of the West”. Technology has allowed for more efficient and precise boot-making. Skilled craftsmen, however, are still a big part of the process. It takes over 100 steps and 16 square feet of natural leather to make each set of boots. There are several factors that go into giving a perfect fit. They are a snug instep, the foot ball and boot ball together, the heel slips only a little until broken in and the comfort of the wearer. The J-flex Comfort System allows for a cushioned fit from the start, thus making the boot feel like it’s already been “broken in”. Nobody wants to wear a pair of boots that hurt!

There are many unique styles of Justin boots for women and each and every model has been designed to make a fashion statement. The shaft of the boots vary from 8 to 13 inches. Stitching is done by computer with leather pieced together by hand. Designs, scalloping and embroidery are exacting and toes may be blunt or pointed. The finishes vary from polish to distressed. To exemplify style, the shaft and boot usually have a different leather or finish. The leather may be cowhide, goat, puma, zebra, iguana or others. There is also quite a selection of full quill ostrich. Plenty of choices for you to make your own individual statement! Just what we divas like!

A quality pair Justin boots for women can be a great addition to your wardrobe as it allows the individual to show off a range of fashion to attain diverse looks.

The Icons of Teen Fashion Blogging

At this present time, it’s the women who have taken over the fashion industry. It has forced many young children to opt for the internet by opening up blogs to showcase their designs which has paid off a great deal because many people check out these blogs on a daily basis.

In Texas, a young fashion addict by the name of Jane Aldridge began blogging when she was she was 16.The blog goes by name of Sea of Shoes and it has a done a tremendous job in promoting this young lady.

This popularity she has made it hard for her to cope up with her friends who think she is not styled up enough to hang with them. The mother of this Young Texas girl has a fashion business in Tokyo which clearly shows that Jane is living a high life.

Many teenage girls have admired her style to the extent that every outfit she puts on, they go wild. She has many shelves filled up with shoes she gathers due to her passion for them. Sea of Shoes attracts 70,000 people every day hence this says it all.

Among the other fashion teenage geniuses we have Tavi Gevinson. With her sense of style; she is highly demanded by all fashion magazines, Teen Vogue inclusive.

Style Rookie which happens to be the name of her fashion blog was invented when she was 13 years old. The designs you will find on her blog will give you the first impression that this young lady has lots of love for fashion.

Fashion is all about having the perfect clothes and accessories which when put on, you will be so smart and many people will appreciate.

The whole point is putting on something that will make heads turn around in search of that smartly dressed person who has just passed. It’s all about having the knowledge and confidence which can help you come up with a good design.

Well Known Fashion Bloggers

Fashion world is attracting every age of women. But younger fashion bloggers are blogging now days. The age limit does not matter as it is proved by the number of visitors; they have on their blogs on daily basis.

Trophy club near Dallas, one fashion blogger of Texas has opened her personal page which is known as “Sea of Shoes”. Jane Aldrige was quite younger when she started blog. She was only of 16 when she blog about part fashion, wish list, part shopping and style dairy. Jane Aldrige is that young lady.

Her style doesn’t understand by her most of friends is the complaint from her side and they feel embrace to be with her while going out. Her mother was once a model and initiated her fashion business in Tokyo. One cannot say that Jane is an ordinary girl of Texas.

Catwalks possess seems to be outfits which were actually worthy for her. She would make proud to many young girls to have them. As said by her, Jane has love with shoes which is collected by her and set on the shelves like small winnings. The era of personal blogs of style and fashion has created a buzz of internet as the “Sea of shoes” which has 70.000 daily visitors.

Another famous blogger in fashion blogs is Tavi Gevision. Similarly like Jane, she has also get the full attention of teens among various fashion magazines

Tavi’s blog name is style rookie. She started at 13. The interest of Tavi makes her to start it. Many designers found great things on her blog

The fashion world revolves around clothing and accessories. Many young fashion bloggers are throwing the idea for teenagers about fashion.

The most important thing is to wear ordinary things with style. Make the best choice which fits on you and looks beautiful.

Skull Pendants and Rings

There are various ways of accessorizing ourselves and based on our preferences, both men and women find some conventional means of achieving their desired look. Among the multiple accessories wears we have; necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings and many others. These ornamental wears can have branded or inscribed with images that add versatility to the accessory. Pendants and rings can have images such as skulls, which is a popular fixture, engraved on them to give a fashion statement or add an appealing touch to the outfit.

The use of skulls on fashion wear has been embraced since the medieval times as a symbol of bravery, life, and death. The trend has spread to the recent times where social icons and celebrities are rocking in all manner of designer outfits bearing the skull symbol. The symbol is such an eye catcher wherever it is placed on, be it T-shirt imprints or on rings, making it one of the uniquely great motifs.

Types of Skull Pendants

There are different types of these skull pendants, and one difference is based on their make, such as the metal they are made of, we have, silver, diamond, gold and simple metallic pendants. The most widely available are the silver pendants, preferred for their durability and shininess making them glimpse catching pieces.

The other difference is based on the gender preference where women prefer slightly smaller pieces while men go for bigger and boldly showing pieces. This, however, can be alternated based on personal demands.

Skulls have been matched together with crossbones; therefore, a pendant can have a clear skull engraving or have both the skull and the crossbones.

The price difference also is a factor to consider; it is primarily dictated by the material made of the piece and the design touch given to it. The more expensive, the more sophisticated it is.


To make a grand fashion statement, go for bolder outfits that bear more significant meaning and are uniquely designed for that particular purpose. Skulls and crossbones symbol offers this and is widely recognized. Thus, it is advisable to wear such accessories that radiate with your intended gestures rightly where they can do so in a perfect way. For example wearing a skull ring on the dominant hand or wearing a pendant with a dress that allows it to be visible.

To enjoy best of this ornamental jewelry, purchase them from recognized dealers and go for quality rather than appealing prices.

How to Tell If Your Diamonds Are Cracked

The precious gemstones that we buy hold a great deal of importance in our lives. If you did some research prior to purchasing your diamond, it’s likely you have read about the items people do to be able to safeguard their diamond jewelry from chips, breaks, cracks etc. sometimes, however, despite all the protection, your diamonds do get cracked, or seem to get cracked.

In that case, you are most likely on the search for ways to find out if your jewel really is cracked and what could you do to repair it. Like the majority of people, you almost certainly freaked out just a little when you accidentally hit your diamond clad hand hard against the wall. For a short while, you would have been searching for marks or cracks just like the most of us.

Let me assure you by first telling that it is relatively hard for a gemstone to be seriously broken at such an insult. What you may see as a blemish may have nothing in similarity to a crack. Here we will attempt to answer some of the common questions people have about broken diamonds. I’ll also demonstrate how a damaged gemstone actually appears like in order to set all your irrational worries at rest.

Daily Deterioration: Breaks Are Unlikely, While Blemishes Are common

After purchasing their first precious stone rings part and putting on it for a couple weeks, there are a lot of people who get paranoid and start to worry if they had broken their diamond. Have you experienced anything similar as well? from what I have learned from my relationships with viewers and other customers, most people only start realizing details they never found before because that they now have the time to scrutinize over their jewelry. The actual fact that almost all of us don’t examine their jewelry in depth when actually deciding to purchase it, perplexes me.

This is why we often end up finding faults that were originally there at the time of purchase. Naturally, you are far more likely to notice the details when you look at something with leisure. The questions only arise after they viewed their jewelry for an extended time period. Plus they start noticing things like girdle reflections or feather inclusions that have been there all along. Don’t think it’s a tiny bit too late to understand those issues now?

Having said that, more often than not, it’s Only a Cleanliness Issue. People often fault a diamonds to be damaged when they see a whitish looking line running right through the stone. Instead of an actual crack. This is because of the unavoidable issue of having a dirty diamond. The truth is, throughout the span of your day, a gemstone diamond ring worn on your palm will inevitably get in touch with a number of things including, soap, water, your fingertips, dirt and actual mud. Initially, this coating of grime may direct resulting superficial blemishes that appear like a covering of clouds or greasy stains. Over time, some of this grime can become so thick that it actually starts to look like solid white lines. If you see this kind of dirt or grime on any stone, you are sure to mistake it for actual cracks or blemishes.

“Repairing the Splits” – Cleaning the Diamond

Also, as the diamond’s surface becomes dirtier, the natural stone will start looking uninteresting and lifeless. Subsequently, a few of the inclusions which were masked by the stone’s brilliance and sparkle would now be observed easily. This may lead to you thinking that new defects have developed, when in fact, they had been there all along. By cleaning your diamonds and removing a great deal of the grim, you will easily regain the natural stone to its original condition. More often than not, a soft tooth brush plus some detergent solution would be sufficient to complete the job. If your engagement ring has sides that happen to be difficult to access with a brush, you might like to consider using an ultrasonic cleaning device or take it back again to the jeweler for professional vapor cleaning.

You Get What You Paid For: How It Might Really Be Broken

In truth, gemstones are somewhat hard to break. To be able to really cause a crack in the natural stone, you have to use the right amount of power at the right position along its cleavage line to see results. The ability to crack represents a direct relationship between the quality of the precious stone and its own “break-ability”. A diamond with low-quality grade and an unhealthy cut class (crowns that are too shallow or with an extremely slender girdle width) could be more susceptible to ruin when put through external forces.

From the view of the crystalline framework, excessively mixed diamond jewelry have weaker material integrity because of the existence of problems and foreign materials. That is why you always want to check the diamonds carefully prior to making any purchase. Generally speaking, the word “you get what you paid for” applies strongly to the precious stone industry. By paying more for quality, you indirectly buy many years of sturdiness and satisfaction for yourself. This is why many diamond experts recommend buying from renowned diamond retailers and professional dealers.

Solitaire Earrings: Symbol of Eternal Love

The word solitary has its etymological roots in solitary, which suggests alone. When a diamond of any size makes it appear alone in a piece of jewellery it qualifies as a solitaire. The late actress and fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn, was so right when she cited remarkably, “You can always tell what kind of a person a man really thinks you are by the earrings he gives you.”

Solitaire Stud Earrings
Solitaire stud earrings have always made a wonderful wedding day present or when celebrating a special milestone in life with a cherished one. Treating yourself to a pair of those dazzlers is also a great idea.

Finding Solitaire Earrings
Given that you are in search of solitaire stud earrings, you can follow our handy guide to find the perfect pair below.

Here are our top various reasons to add them to your jewellery box right away. What makes a pair of diamond solitaire earrings so special is that you should do so very little to enhance its beauty, which makes them among the best additions to any diamond jewellery collection. Nothing conveys class and sophistication more than a simple pair of diamond solitaire stud earrings. In this era, a pair of solitaire diamond studs still holds the most merit with regards to value. Simple in design, they are a versatile accessory that may complement most looks and styles. They work well with everything and may be cherished and worn again and again.

Solitaire Diamond Studs: A Timeless Classic Option

Regardless of the outfit or occasion, a magnificent piece of jewellery like this will always attract attention and admiration. The durable nature of diamonds is such that theirs beauty will never diminish with wear. This makes a pair of solitaire diamond studs extremely attractive and desirable. Irrespective of design, they’re a prevalent selection and a timeless classic as they concentrate on the beauty of your diamond. Solitaires have stood the test of time and there is every reason to add it to your collection. With an understated look, they are an excellent option for regular wear as well as special occasions.

Solitaire ear studs are a great investment. Diamonds are a fantastic investment, both emotionally and financially. Owing to their timeless and classic appeal, solitaires in any form of jewellery are frequently passed down for generations and bring delight and joy to the recipients. They are a symbol of eternal love and are a tangible investment one can keep for the rest of their lives.

Silver Jewelry – A Must for Your Next Occasion

How often have you browsed through an e-catalog of sterling jewelry diamond jewelry and said, “I wish I could have them all.” Several women love to show off the elegance of such jewels, be it bracelets, earrings, studs, rings, pendants or necklaces.

Jewelry made from silver and integrated with diamonds are high quality and gives off a pleasant shine to make them as valuable as they are. They have the desired qualities of being smooth and delicate and are resistant to wear and tear.

Personal Appeal of Sterling Silver

After years of making its occurrence in the world, sterling silver has maintained its position of uniqueness. It provides a different style statement to make women swoon at its amazing qualities.

The charm of silver is increased when the diamonds become the center of attraction. Oh yes, wherever they are sold, the diamond jewelry pieces will make you look bright and gorgeous.

Evaluating the Quality of Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry, with an exquisite and glossy finish, features a stamp on them. The stamp is a certainty of the quality of these pieces. There are two symbols on the stamp, the first symbol shows the amount of silver in the jewelry piece and the second symbol is the word “silver” or simply “s”. Sterling silver jewels can be as beauty with high quality.

What and when to wear?

Sterling jewelry with diamonds and gemstones are found in the market. A variety of jewelry pieces like earrings, bracelets and brooches are up for grabs at affordable prices. They are perfect for special occasions and daily wear. There are several kinds of vintage rings, cuff links, tie clips and antique rings to select from. Sterling silver can be easily matched semi-precious and precious diamonds and gemstones alike.

Ideal as Gifts

Along with being ideal for everyday wear and special occasions, Authentic silver is perfect for gifting purposes as well. For example, you can have the name of the recipient inscribed into the base of the chain, bracelet or pendant.

Always in Style

Sterling silver is always in style and demand. One of the ideal features of authentic silver is its natural beauty and brilliance. Genuine silver jewelry with diamonds is something you can choose at a blink of an eye.


Most women looking for something exquisite and different prefer sterling silver jewelry. If you are one of them, look no further for the best accessory that compliments your personality.

India – Jewellery Destination and Jewellery Shops in India

India and Jewellery, Jewellery and Indian women are interlinked with each other from decades. In almost every occasion starting from marriage to any event the fashion of a woman is incomplete without teaming up with proper jewellery. Some traditional and some modern styles of jewellery caters to the need of jewellery selection. Not only the affluent class can afford jewellery but there are also low cost jewellery items that cater the wide demand of jewellery in India. While picking up or choosing jewellery in India has lot to do with fashion trends heritage and culture. Different regions and culture follow their unique designs that go at par with their tradition. Kundan jewellery is a renowned art that we can see in Indian jewellery which usually comes from the state of Rajasthan. Almost every small and renowned jewellery shops in India showcases unique styles of Kundan art. Apart from Kundan jewellery Meenakari, the art of coloring the surface of metal to give a gorgeous look to the jewellery is quiet famous in India. Traditional temple style of Jewellery depicting the style of south India is quiet famous.

A married woman in India has to flaunt variety of Jewellery pieces as a part of culture that actually gives the lady a gorgeous look. A pair of toe rings is a symbol of a married lady these toe rings can be of silver or any other material. Apart from toe rings nose ring is also a part in Indian marriages. These nose rings are generally called nath that depicts prosperity of husband. Necklaces are an untouchable part of traditional bridal attire. Necklace can be of different designs. It can be of traditional temple design or it can be of curved design. This piece of jewellery actually is an essential part of bridal or non bridal attire. In any occasion women can flaunt a necklace simple or heavy as per their occasions. Bangles usually worn in the hands to decorate the hands of a woman are also a part of bridal attire.

In India there are a variety of jewellery shops catering to the wide demand of jewelleries. These shops provides almost every type and form of jewellery. Some of the important and renowned jewellery shops in India are P.C Chandra Jewellers, Malabar Gold & Diamond Jewellers, Kalyan Jewellers, etc. Apart from visiting a jewellery showroom nowadays online shopping from portals like Caratlane has become quiet famous among women who hardly gets time after their office hours. To brief out India and its craze for jewellery is inseparable.